Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A trip to the zoo.

Daughter the Younger was away from home having some sleepover fun, so I asked Daughter the Eldest what she'd like to do with the day we were spending with Granny. "Go to the zoo!" was the reply.

It was hotter than the hinges of Hades when we made our way to the zoo on the 15th. We had an amply stocked roll-y cooler, and a vow to not get in too big of a hurry. A highlight was going through the Penguin and Puffin area, which is kept really cold. Like 45 degrees cold. We pretty much made it around to everything but the River's Edge area. Daughter, Granny, and I made it back home and pretty much collapsed into the wonder that is a cool, air-conditioned home.

Even though it was eleventy billion degrees, we had a good day.

Above is a photo that the young 'un took of the sweet little prairie dogs. They were studying us every bit as much as we were studying them.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Another goodbye

On July 2nd, after a short illness, my mother-in-law Ann passed away.

We are all still reeling from it. Ann was a wonderful mother, grandmother, and friend. I've been sitting here typing and deleting so many things, because the words just aren't right, or enough. The sun keeps coming up and setting and the world is still turning, I just feel a few steps behind it right now.

Goodbye for now Ann. We'll keep you in our hearts until we see you later.