Monday, January 16, 2006

Christmas just keeps on coming for musicgeek!

I am now the proud owner of a Zen MicroPhoto MP3 player! I've been spending all of my free time getting it loaded up with music, photos, and all 17 cds worth of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. After doing lots of looking and reading up on all the options, this is what I decided on. It makes the musicgeek in me very happy. The photogeek is overjoyed as well.

In keeping with the "all about me" theme I had going on last week, I also broke down and bought some Bare Escentuals makeup. Jennifer recommended it highly, and I have to agree with her. It's fast and easy to put on, and it covers up what needs covering up. Can't ask for much more than that, can you ladies?

So, I'm starting the new year with a happily made up face and a song in my earbuds. Throw the new vitamin routine on top of that, and you've got a whole new musicgeek!

Bon appetit!


Ragged Around the Edges said...

Do you think that the Bare Essentials can cover my face: all green with envy. Verra, verra cool. I love it.

Musicgeek (Kim) said...

Everyone needs a few "all about me" days! I give them a rousing thumbs up.

Now it's time for musicgeek to come back down to Earth. All it's gonna take is my usual Aldi/Wallyworld run...but I just might be the only one listening to Harry Potter in the cleaning spplies aisle.

Jennifer said...

That is awesome. I love digital music!

How did you like the Bare Escentuals store?