Friday, August 04, 2006

Feelin' hot, hot, hot!

On Wednesday we took in a Cardinals game. Yes, Wednesday, when the heat was still on. Being an experienced mom, I made sure we were armed with Squeeze Breezes and personal fans. We spent more on ice cream than the GNP of a small country. Not really an ideal night to enjoy a game, but the tickets were already bought and paid you suck it up and go. BTW, the Cards got their butts handed to them 16-8.

We took the Metrolink instead of driving in, so we headed out a little early to try to beat the huge throngs herded onto the platforms waiting for a turn on the train. The metrolink workers were already directing folks into tight "train sized" clusters. People were hot, sweaty, and in no mood to be screwed with. Thank God we just had to wait about 8 or 10 minutes for the next train to come along. I noticed one older gentleman standing in the row beside us who looked like he was just about to collapse...seriously. I reached between people and turned my little fan on him. I was miserable, but he looked sick. Just getting a little air moving around him seemed to perk him up a little. A little side note: When we're moving in a crowded place with the kids, D's job is to do the blocking and room making. I usually bring up the rear to make sure all the kids are herded between us. Now, when it came time to get on our train, D and the kids pushed on and I was getting blocked out by the crowd. That same sweltering fella kept an eye out for me and made sure to give me room to get on before he did.

I know that story doesn't sound all that earth shattering, but here's the point. It always kind of surprises me when strangers repay a small kindness. With the world the way it is today, I just don't have all that high of expectations.

It's nice when it all works out.

The photo above is a shot of the time/temp display inside the stadium. The temp stayed within a few degrees the entire time we were there.


Ragged Around the Edges said...

It's all about being kind to others and when it comes back at you, it's rewarding and rejuvenating.

needlefingers said...

Have you seen the commercial that is all about good deeds being done, but they aren't passed on by the recipients. People observing the kindness are then inspired to spread kindness.

It's a very cool concept for a commercial, but I have no idea what they are advertising. Insurance, financial services, something that doesn't normally bring up warm, fuzzy feelings. :)

And boo-hiss to the Cards loss. :(

Jennifer said...

In my head I can clearly see D in his Blocker role and you as the Herder/Caregiver. Isn't it nice to be part of a good team?

I'll bet the guy who looked so ill went home and told everyone about the nice woman who helped him not have a heat stroke. Awesome.