Friday, October 21, 2005

A New Thing

I'm learning to crochet. I know, I know, you're saying to yourself,"Kim, how many more crafty things can one person possibly need to know how to do?" Well, apparently, one more. The main reason I want to learn is to start crocheting wire and bead jewelry. Right now, I'm using cheapo super saver yarn and am making something that seems to want to be a scarf. I'm not questioning it, I'm just embracing it. It's really coming along very well. Oh, of course, there were 2 or 3 complete deconstructions, but all in all, I think I'm progressing nicely. It will be finished, and it WILL be worn. It will also be very acrylic-y, as my cousin Jennifer puts it. I'm already looking forward to splurging on some nice yarn for next time.

It took me so long to get back to finishing this post that I've actually crocheted my first wire and bead necklace and earring set. It's way fun...and the bead possibilities are endless! The pics may not be the most professional, but you get the general idea. I never claimed to be a model or a photographer. Don't worry, my ear is a lot better looking in person.




Jennifer said...

Thats fantastic! The scarf is adorable! I knew you'd take to the yarn stuff like a duck to water. And the necklace and earring set are too cool. I had no idea you could crochet jewelry, but it kind of makes sense.

We need to get your blog on some crafty type web-ring so you can bond with other crafty folk! There are people out there...your people.

Musicgeek (Kim) said...

Do you know of any good crafty web-rings? I wouldn't want to be stuck in a desert of doilies and plastic canvas...