Friday, October 14, 2005

You can never have too many little books.

I have a wierd thing for books, pens and pencils. I get excited when I find just the right pen, or a really great notebook. One of my favorites is the Moleskine. I know, I's WAY overpriced, but the size and "feel" of it made me have to have one. It has been my "special" book, mostly used for sketches on trips. It's always kind of bugged me that I felt that something had to be Moleskine-worthy before I'd use up any of the pricey pages. Anyhoo...I came across some instructions on the web for making your own little fake Moleskine. It's a Yahoo group called Hedgehogs Forever, because the person who put the instructions together dubbed her little knock-off a hedgehog. Mine is the book in the upper left hand corner. So far, it's been a fine little book. The best thing is knowing that it was so cheap to make that I can write whatever drivel in it that my little heart desires.

After that little foray into making books, I've been making books out of anything that even looks remotely like it'll work. The ones on the upper right are little notebooks using the oversized paint chips at Lowe's and some drawing paper I had lying around. As usual, I was in Lowe's for a completely different item, and got distracted by the pretty (some were even shiny) paint chips. I grabbed a bunch, and at the time had no idea what would become of them. Voila!!!! They just became a handful of pretty little notebooks. The book at the bottom was my first attempt at a coptic binding. It's made of torn magazine pages, cuz they were there and didn't cost anything. It turned into my favorite little book to write in. You never know what you'll be writing around. One day, it's a bare leg, and the next, it's a bowl of soup.



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Jennifer said...

Those little books are precious! I think you should start signing off your emails with "Hedgehogs forever!"

I'm excited about your blog. It will be full of crafty stuff and meriment! And I bet you'll post more than every 3 months, like yours truly.