Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Last day of school before Christmas break, what the...?!?

That means mommy will be running around like an insane person today. I totally forgot about stocking stuffers, until I walked by the stockings this morning and saw them mocking me with their emptiness. That's right, folks, I'm really not like an insane person, I think I've reached the tipping point with the holidays and become crazy.

The kids went off today with gifts for their teachers. They'd better appreciate them is all I can say. They will all be getting scarves knit by the little darlins'. Ciara only has one teacher, so her workload was a little lighter than Savannah. She had to make four of them! We wrapped the last one this morning.

The bus drivers got white chocolate and sprinkle covered pretzels. They should get a medal.

So today I'm off to stuff stockings, and pick up an ever growing list of gifties that I seem to have utterly and completely zoned out on.

But, there's always time for pie.

Above is a pic of my breakfast. Don't you just love pie for breakfast.


Ragged Around the Edges said...

I am so impressed that your girls made their gifts. Being a teacher's kid, I just know that they will so love them.

Musicgeek (Kim) said...

I think they liked them. You can never be sure how someone will react to a handmade gift.

I love it when anyone makes something just for me.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

It's truly the most personal of gifts: something that is made by someone you care about. I think it's awesome.

Jennifer said...

Pie for breakfast is just about as good as a slice of cold noodles for breakfast. num!

on an unrelated note, I love that Zippy and Rocky made the Xmas card this year!

Lori said...

Kim!! I started a blog! I loved reading yours so I decided to start my own! And the pie looks yummy!! That's my FAVORITE breakfast too! Love you!