Friday, December 23, 2005

One more day!

All we need to do is put little baby Jesus in his manger tomorrow. He's waiting patiently in his little pocket. We've had this advent calendar since the girls were itty bitty. They still like to put all the pieces up every year. There's usually a knock-down drag out over who gets to put the baby Jesus in place.

Ah, the stuff sweet memories are made of.


Ragged Around the Edges said...

That is adorable. What a sweet tradition.

When I was little, we had a Nativity set and I would sneak the baby Jesus and kiss him repeatedly. I did this so many times that I kissed his face off.

My parents should have pegged me for trouble at an early age.

Jennifer said...

whats that old bible story? The one about the two women who both said a baby belonged her, and King Smartypants Whatever said that they'd just split the baby in two, so then of course the real mother was all like "NO!" and thats how they knew who the real mom was. or something like that.

anyway, you should do that with the girls re: the advant baby Jesus.

All those years of Sunday school were totally wasted on me, weren't they?

Musicgeek (Kim) said...

That's some heavy duty kissin' there Ragged! I think you should go get yourself a brand new nativity set and kiss the baby all you want.

Jennifer, I think I'll try that this year. Just don't be surprised if next year's photo shows a bisected baby Jeebus.